Windows Support

Get help with your laptop or desktop 
Windows support on Windows 7 8 and 10
Virus scanning
Malware checking
Microsoft Office help desk
Scanning, printing, backing up
Updates, re-builds, upgrades.
Batemans Bay Windows 10 support

Disaster Recovery

Recover files and pictures from your virus or malware infected computer
Rebuild your computer and retain files and photos
Recover files from a corrupted Windows install
Batemans Bay Windows 10 support

Drive still spinning?

If your drive is still spinning (making that humming sound) then theres a great chance we can get those files and photos off your hard drive.  We can even move them onto a new drive  and have Windows reinstalled on the new drive.
Batemans bay files and photos data recovery

Noisy Hard Drive?

If your drive is making noise and getting progressively louder, then its not long before it stops spinning altogether.  A dead drive is just that and once it stops spinning your photos and files may be lost forever..   Act now to get your precious memories and documents off the drive before its too late.  Consider upgrading to a Solid State Drive to give your computer a performance boost.
Batemans bay files and photos data recovery