Batemans Bay Managed Websites

Need a web site but just don't know where to start?
Need someone to keep the website updated, secure and backed up? 
What does Managed websites mean?  
It means:
1. we help build the website and keep it safe, secure, updated and backed up daily, 
2. you get peace of mind knowing your website is mobile friendly and will work on all devices and browsers.
3. and if you accidentally delete or break something, we help you fix it.
Mobile friendly websites

Google SEO

Did you know that users often start on a mobile device and then move to a desktop on serious searches.  
I can help you get google and bing hits for your keywords and build the right landing pages for those keywords.
I will ensure your pages get the YOAST green light for readability and ensure your images have the correct ALT tags configured.
SEO work is constantly changing and no one knows what Google will do next but I will keep up to date with changes and ensure your website keeps updated is important if you are to maintain your keyword rankings.
Want to use adwords, then I can work with you and google to ensure your ad campaigns are hitting the right audience at the right time and in the right geographical region you want to target.
Batemans Bay SEO Websites

Moruya Heating and Cooling

If you need a website to showcase your products then check out the moruya heating and cooling web site.  

Online ordering websites

Check out our blissful bedding website.  It has a cool online ordering tool that allows a customer to order specific products and then tallies at the end.


Industrial Products websites

Check out our website.  It has a large array of products categorised and displayed in a variety of gallery options.

Photography Websites is a photography website and uses galleries for both displaying work and client galleries.


Websites is a artist website and uses galleries for displaying art work.




The Anglican Church website is a large website and allows for sermon downloads as well as galleries.


How I can Help

I have been building websites for a few years now and been in the IT industry for almost 25 years.  I spent half my IT career in the public service and the other in either private industry or university studies.
I have a IT support based business in Batemans Bay and provide business and domestic support to local customers and remote customers utilising secure remote tools. 
Batemans Bay Computer service support