Help with Apple Mac Support

Get Apple Mac Support to keep your apple running smoothly

Help navigating around your Mac after coming from Windows

Where to find the features you had on Windows

Installing Office onto your MAC


New MAC Installs

New Macs can be installed and configured to run on your network at home or small business

Software installations and backups to Time Machine and or Cloud services

Batemans bay apple mac support

Super charge your old MAC

Speed up your MAC by increasing the RAM

Speed up your MAC by installing a Solid State Drive

Make your MAC fly again like it did when you bought it for less than half the price of a new MAC

batemans bay computer upgrades ssd

Run Windows on your MAC

You can run any version of Windows along with your favourite Windows software on your MAC

Run Windows without rebooting your MAC

Use your old Office software on your MAC


Run Linux on your MAC

You can run your favourite Linux distro on your MAC

Test more than one distro on your MAC without rebooting