Batemans Bay Computer Service Support

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Frustrated with Windows 10 and need some computer service and support?
Cant seem to get that printer working?  
Need to stop those annoying adds popping up when you surf the Internet?
Finding the new Windows 10 difficult to navigate?
Have that niggling feeling that you may have a virus, but not sure if the virus scanner is working correctly?
Do you need someone to come to you and give you onsite computer service and support?
Batemans Bay Windows 10 computer service support

Apple Mac Support

Moving from Windows to a Mac can sometimes be a challenge and you may of asked yourself:
"Where is the key to do that?"  or 
"How do I do what I used to do with Windows?"
You're not the first or last to ask those questions and sometimes it would  be great to be able to just sit down with someone who knows and get the answers you need.
Batemans bay apple mac computer service support

Been hacked lately?

Sadly all too often we are helping folk like yourself who have been attacked by spam and other malicious attacks.
Call now so we can start to get your computer back and retrieve those lost files, pictures etc.
Batemans Bay Computer Protection service support

Business Computer Service Support

Remote support means no travel and that can save you or your business money and reduce downtime
Ask me how I can save you money and keep you working
Need your ageing PABX replaced with a VOIP PABX
Batemans Bay Computer Business computer service support

How I can Help

I have been helping people across the globe just like you now for over 23 years and can make those annoying problems GO AWAY.
If you live in the Batemans Bay region I can come to you or if you live elsewhere you can use my secure TeamViewer remote tool to get those problems solved.  
Batemans Bay Computer service support

Competitive affordable computer support